Publications by and about us during training 

Biographical Data booklet, June 1964

(This is the booklet of photos of each of us, along with a short bio, that we each received when we arrived at the training site at Southern Illinois University)

“Peace Corps on Campus, ” Southern Alumnus, August 1964

(This is an article about our training group for the SIU alumni magazine.  The title suggests that SIU had no alumnae at the time.)

Senegal IV – Niger III  training ‘Yearbook‘, September 1964-65

(This is the booklet of photos we put together at the end of training)

Publications for and about Peace Corps Volunteers in Niger.

Mai Hela #1

Mai Hela #2

Mai Hela #3

(This was a  newsletter edited by Peace Corps Volunteers in Niger)

Peace Corps Bulletin articles by Peter Easton, “A Day on the Madoua Literacy Front,” and Tom Hale, “C’est du Progrès au Niger,” September 1965.

(This is a publication produced  by the Peace Corps in Washington.  We were asked to contribute two articles about our work in Niger).

Presidential Reception Speeches, May  14, 1966

(These are the texts of four brief speeches presented at President Hamani Diori’s palace.  Many of us were invited to participated in his English lessons or sessions in English with him and other government officials who spoke the language.  His speech marks, then, a kind of ‘graduation’  that reflects his progress in English. The other speeches by Peace Corps Volunteers were presented in Songhay, Hausa, and French.  They show how far we advanced in these languages while in Niger).

Publications about us that appeared long after training.

“Arkansas Town’s New Owner Has Visions of Its Renaissance,” New York Times, Jan. 19, 2014

 (This is an article about a town those of us in agriculture visited as part  of our training.  We were shocked by the segregation that we saw there).

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