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Ambassador from Niger expecting to attend reunion

 Peter Easton reports that Ambassado Maman S. Sidikou and his wife plan to attend the reunion. Below is Peter’s message, including the message to him from Ambassador Sidikou.


Awright! The Honorable Maman S. Sidikou and wife Fati Djibo have confirmed their attendance at our Niger III-Senegal IV 50th reunion in Estes Park, CO, next late September – early October.

The one item hanging fire was the General Assembly of the United Nations, which the President of Niger will be attending – but, toute confirmation faite, the President’s stay ends  before our reunion begins, so the Ambassador is available. Albishirimmu, a ga bori and mazaltov.

Copy below of the Ambassador’s message.


From: Maman S Sidikou []
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 7:32 PM
To: Easton, Peter
Subject: RE: An da’de

Looks good, Malam!
president will probably be in NY 23-27 September and I only need to be there when he is there.
 donc avec un peu de chance, je verrai enfin le Colorado et les amis du Niger